I’ve just begun Adam Miller’s An Early Resurrection. Before I even got into Adam’s actual words, I had to pause while reading this recommendation from another author:

When a prophet’s trust in God’s future promise was so sure that he lived as if it had already been fulfilled, a special Hebrew verb tense known as the prophetic perfect was used…

I love, love, love this. The idea behind the prophetic perfect was introduced to me years ago by LeGrand Baker, an LDS writer who argues here that one crucial aspect of faith is a “functional “hope… That is, taking the covenant at full value and acting or living as though the terms of the covenant were already fulfilled.” Again, in simple terms: we live as if we’ve already been judged and found worthy.

An obvious question here is: what does a disciple’s life look like, living in the “prophetic perfect?” What does it look to “live as if [God’s promises have] already been fulfilled”? (Words that come to mind: confident, hopeful, optimistic.) Adam Miller’s book tackles exactly these questions, and I can’t wait to read on!